We are back in our sanctuary!! We will not be having coffee hour. Please read through our procedures on on the Indoor Worship Guidelines under our Worship tab. 

We begin our Sunday morning worship with fellowship at 9:30. Sunday School students head to Sunday School at 9:45 until 10:30 to join their families in the service. Our church service begins at 10 am.


holy communion

At Trinity Lutheran Church, we believe that the communion table belongs to the Lord. As we commonly sing in anthem, "This is the feast of victory for our God! Alleluia!" 


Therefore, we welcome all people to God's table of grace, in the name of our Triune God. Our communion service includes a time for corporate confession and individual reflection, followed by hearing the affirmation of God's promise of forgiveness. This happens early in the service, prior to celebrating communion.


No matter who you are, where you're from or where you're going, you are invited to receive this free gift at God's table. 


If you have young children (grade school or younger) who have not yet completed a First Communion class at Trinity, we ask that they cross their arms in front of their chest as they come forward with you. Pastor or a Deacon will give them a blessing, in lieu of offering them communion. 


If physical limitations make it difficult for you to come forward for communion, not to worry! Simply inform an usher, and we will serve you at your seat.


***Typically, we offer white grape juice as well as red wine during communion, so that you have your choice. However, in the midst of COVID-19, we offer a single option of pre-packaged red grape juice and wafer. If you have a dietary concern that prohibits this option, please speak with Pastor for accomodation.

kids in worship

When we say that everyone is welcome, we mean it! Most kids in grades K-6 attend Sunday School from 9:45 until after the sermon, at which time they join their families in the sanctuary. 


The presence of babies and children is a blessing for us all. If you would be more comfortable in our nursery room, it ajoins the sanctuary with a large glass window and provides a diaper changing station and rocking chair for your use. 


***Activity bags are typically available for kids' use during worship. However, we cannot make these shared supplies available during this time of COVID-19. Thank you for understanding.