Dear Friends and Guests of God,


We are so glad you have found us online!


My name is Rev. Beverly Struckmann. 


As Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, it is my privelage to welcome you to be part of our worshipping community.


As you explore who we are and what we are about, please know this: Trinity is not just a building, and it is not a place where you will find perfect people. Trinity is a community, a fellowship of sinners who are saved by grace alone. We worship together, laugh together, cry together, work together, play together, and journey together through life. 


Joined as one in holy baptism, and empowered with the Holy Spirit, we seek to follow Jesus, our Savior. 


As a faith community, we value diversity, and we seek to uplift the variety of gifts and talents which God has given to different members of our community.


In many ways, we are traditional. We treasure the faith and practices passed onto us by the saints who have come before us. In other ways, the Holy Spirit has led us into innovation and creativity. We enjoy breaking away from our traditions, at times, and trying something new. For example, in the past two years we have rekindled some ancient ways of worship during the Lenten season. We also incorporate advanced technology, rituals, and the fine arts into our faith practice from time to time. We have even been known to play a game or do a hands-on activity during worship, on occasion! 


We look for ways we can give, serve and join with others to do the work that God has called us to do. We often participate with other congregations (ELCA and other denominations) in worship and service. We enjoy a covenant relationship with Estelline United Church of Christ, whom I also serve as pastor. 


Mission support and outreach is very important to us. We financially and prayerfully support missionary Elizabeth Johnson and family, who serve in Cameroon. We are engaged with multiple food ministries within and outside Estelline, as well as quilting and sewing ministry, domestic violence shelter ministry, and many other forms of service. We also support the Neighbors in Solidarity partners of the SD Synod, which you can read more about here:

If you are seeking a deeper relationship with God and the fellowship and support of group of broken people saved by grace, we invite you to join us for worship or contact us for more information. You may also submit a prayer request through our ''contact us'' page, and we will be honored to pray for you.


This is not an easy time in our world, but God is with us. By God's grace, we are Church together, joined in God's love.


Blessings and peace be with you.


Pastor Bev

©2020 by Trinity Lutheran Church